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Jido Sense - A New Experience of Hygienic Environment

The term "JIDO" is derived from Japanese language and mean “Automatic”. But, being an Indian company our name ‘Jido Sense Technologies Private Limited’ and our logo is the insignia to the essence of trust and service that our Indian culture is known for. Thus, with this we have made an attempt to bring the advanced technology from all over the world and the trust of being Indian under one umbrella.

Under the spirit of our logo we are pledged to carry the revolution of uplifting the toilet hygiene standards to new dimensions and popularize this unique concept of public and personal sanitary solutions to make the human life better and healthier.

Our patented Jido-Sense Toilet Seats+ are innovative sanitary ware that has been developed to provide its users with a safe, clean and healthy restroom environment and are very suitable for commercial or public toilet facilities: Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Airports, Metro Stations, Schools, Factories, Government facilities and also for personal usage at home or private offices.

All of our products have been rigorously tested to deliver best quality and are manufactured with best grade materials, which make them to be the most trusted and innovative products in their class.

We Care, We Share

From the birth of Jido Sense, we belive in the faith of Caring and Sharing for all.

Our mission is to deliver a hygienic environment. Therefore we have developed new conceptual sanitary ware which provides you a safe, clean and healthy restroom environment when you use shared public toilet facilities in Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes Schools, Casinos, Factories, and all other commercially shared toilets.

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Stay Safe
Stay Healty

Jido Sense always work in a new dimension in Toilet Hygiene for human safety and healthy life

Using Jido Sense sanitary ware products assure you will stay healthy and feel safe from major disease.

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After many years of constant research we came up with Jido Sense. Try yourself.

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