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Low Maintenance and Easy Operation
30 Mar

Low Maintenance and Easy Operation

by Jido Sense in Product Details
The Jido Toilet Seat Covers are Somatological design based covers which can be fitted with your existing toilet Seats easily.
Also, they reduces toilet maintenance with these covers on your toilet you need not to clean the mess of toilet papers and need to manually sanitize your Toilet using those expensive sprays or liquids.
The Somatological design of our Jido Toilet Seat makes it easy to adopt without any headache of completely replacing your existing toilet seats and it is designed to fit a wide range of toilet seat designs available in market. 
The button OR automatic sensor based operation of Jido Seats makes them really convenient to use and to change the cover for every use you are just needed to wave your hand in front of the proximity sensor installed with it so it provides a total hands-free operation, also the same can be sane using a state of art button provided on the cover itself.
The touch-free operation and the use of recyclable wrap replace the current need of Toilet Paper rolls in toilets which are a mess to manage and causes loss to our environment because as per a survey Worldwide, the equivalent of almost 27,000 trees, toilet paper is flushed every day. And not only this the real cause of mess due to these toilet papers is due to the fact that a huge percentage of toilet paper is used or wasted just to wipe or cover the toilet seat before use.

Using Jido seat covers overcomes the requirement of cleaning the toilet seat again and again and also voids all the chances of stained, wet or toiled seat covers. 

Thus, using the Jido Seat covers results very low maintenance and automatic hygiene to your restroom environment.