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Avoid Communicable diseases
30 Mar

Avoid Communicable diseases

by Jido Sense in Health
Western toilet seats and toilet environment has taken a major share of home and public toilets in India due to the comfort and the related facilities. 

But, due to the procedure of sharing the same Toilet seat cover is very risky and dangerous. 

We avoid but cannot deny that there are high risk of picking up infections while sharing our toilets or using public toilets.
Just a single time use of a toilet seat by an individual leave millions of bacteria on the toilet cover.
Few of the very common diseases communicated due to sharing of toilets are:
  • Gut Infections
  • Hepatitis-A
  • Skin Infections
  • Diarrhoea
  • other diseases caused by E-Coli and related Bacteria
Due, to the listed reason people especially ladies are always afraid of using public toilets.
But, now with the advancement in technologies our company like Jido Sense Technologies have introduced their revolutionary "JIDO Toilet Seats" which designed to combat such risks and nullify all the possibilities of catching such infections from public toilets or sharing you toilets at home.
JIDO toilet seats presents a unique and effective solution of providing safe and clean toilet environment.
To curb such infection the Jido seats are installed with a hygienic Film Wrap. This wrap covers the whole seat cover while usage and is changed after every single use. In this manner after every single use the seat has a fresh and hygienic cover over it thus, avoiding any chance of commuting infections, harmful bacteria or viruses.
The film Wrap used by Jido Toilet Seats is 100% recyclable and is made of food grade HDPE polymers. Further, in order to ensure the recycling of Wrap rolls we at Jido Sense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have introduced another unique policy of buying back the Wrap Rolls and sending them to the Recycling plant for safe disposal.