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 In-built Microcomputer
30 Mar

In-built Microcomputer

Advaced Features of JIDO Toilet Seats
by Jido Sense in Product Details
The Jido Toilet Seat is an intelligent and highly actuated product and this all is possible due to a small microcomputer installed inside. 
This microcomputer is programmed to control the drive of film wrap with high precision such that on every turn an accurate length of wrap is used without wastage. 
Also, it provides several warning alarms and control the switching of the motor as per the requirements and alarms.In our advance Temperature controlled models of Jido Toilet Seats this microcomputer controls the temperature of the seat automatically in between the comfortable range of 38 to 45 degree centigrade. 
The microcomputer installed provide accurate appliance warnings as:

  • Overload warning signal: LED light will stay on for 2 seconds
  • If no loading or in case of counter wheel fault or if the cartridge roller is not installed properly: LED will remain ON continuously
  • Low Battery warning: The LED will flash quicklyRestarting interval: 6 secs (to avoid waste)
  • Malfunctioning of Heating Device: Green LED will flash
  • Malfunctioning of Temperature Controller: Green LED will remain ON continuously