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Avoid Communicable disease

We avoid but cannot deny that there are high risk of picking up infections while sharing our toilets or using public toilets. The Jido Toilet seats presents a unique and effective solution to keep us safe…

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In-built Microcomputer

The Jido Toilet Seat is an intelligent and highly actuated product and this all is possible due to a small microcomputer installed inside…

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Low Maintenance and Easy Operation

The Jido Toilet Seat Covers reduces toilet maintenance cost. You need not to clean the mess of toilet papers and need to manually sanitize …

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An Intelligent Toilet Seats

All you need in your toilet seats safety, clean and germ free.

Jido Toilet Seat Covers are all about hygenic sanitation. Our intelligent toilet seat covers provides you a safe, clean environment when you use a shared public toilet in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and somewhere else.

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How it Works

Jido-sense seat is protected with hygienic food grade HDPE film wrap whichis automatically controlled by a microcomputer installed inside and is actuated to control the movement of this sanitary wrap on the seat in such a manner that at every command the wrap will stop after turning exactly one round.

By means of this sanitary wrap the physical contact of any person using the seat is avoided and as the wrap is changed after every use so no chance of commuting any types of infection, germs or disease. The operation of the seat is touch-free and to change the sanitary wrap the user has to just wave hand in front of a sensor mounted with seat or by pressing a button provide on the seat.

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Trusted Warranty and Support Services

Jido Sense Technologies is a purely Indian company carrying the ethics of Indian culture and legacy of this Great country. We provide a trusted customer service as we believe in the requirement of its priority along with providing hassle free warranty coverage for our products.

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